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Eric Elison is a Touring Gordon Lightfoot Tribute Artist who has performed for audiences in the US and Europe. His ability to sing and play Gordon Lightfoot's Songs has created demand for his Show in Theaters, Performing Arts Centers, Dinner Theaters, and large Listening Rooms.

Eric began his music career in 2017 as a Singer-Songwriter. After recording his first album in Nashville. His Producer told him he sounded so much like Gordon Lightfoot that he should offer a Gordon Lightfoot Tribute Show.  Eric took the advice. When Eric began auditions the reaction was always the same, "OMG you sound just like Gordon Lightfoot!"

Unfortunately, the Covid Pandemic led to the cancellation of all of Eric's 2020 Shows. Eric is now booking Gordon Lightfoot Tribute Shows for 2021, and 2022.  Plans for 2022 include playing with Symphony Orchestras so as to give listeners the opportunity to hear Gordon Lightfoot's Music played not only with a band but also with the same orchestral instruments used  on Gordon Lightfoot's albums. 

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